Fix Compressed Zipped Folder Access Denied Error
“Unable to Complete the Operation”

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In order to make data sharing easier and faster I used to keep my data files compressed within a zipped folder. The compressed folder files also helped me in taking backup of my data securely as they can easily store large amount of files without taking much storage space. But unfortunately a few days ago when I was transferring one of the compressed zip files to my external hard drive suddenly power outage took place shutting down the procedure along with the entire system. The lack of luck made it happen because at the very moment my UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplying Device) was under maintenance causing an abrupt shutdown of the system.

In my case, I was not exactly sure as to the sudden power cut resulted in causing a plenty of trouble while trying to access my zip file or some other issue had been behind it. I was not only restricted from accessing my compressed zip file but was also confronted an error stating Fix Compressed Zipped Folder Access Denied Error “Unable to Complete the Operation”. That was the moment which made me worries about the cause of error occurrence which made me research the web to discover the exact issue.

The folder access denied error “Unable to complete the operation” had almost made the situation go out of my hand when I suddenly I came across a manual procedure to resolve the situation. Although, one of the websites suggested certain changes in settings for access permissions of the respective zipped folder in the properties section of the folder, I was in vain as I got no solution by following the referred solution as well.

To my surprise after thorough research I found out what actually happened with my compressed zip folder file; the situation basically takes place when the user %TEMP% variable aren’t properly set up, or probably the user doesn’t have any “rights” to access the %TEMP% directory.

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That is when one of my business clients came forward to the rescue via a Zip Recovery tool which made it clear that the folder access denied error “Unable to complete the operation” wasn’t simply occurring due to the lack of permissions owned but due to corruption or integral damage. And finally I was able to accomplish the recovery of my compressed file folder with the absolutely convenient and reliable Zip Repair tool.